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Zinc alloy applications

Zinc Die Casting

The die casting process consists in injecting a liquid zinc alloy at 420 °C with a piston submerged in a metalic mould maintained in a press. This two-part mould is a copy of the shape which is to be made.



The applications of the die cast products are varied, including automobile, construction and electronic industries clothing, furniture, toys…




General Galvanizing

General galvanizing consists in dipping a manufactured steel part (surface treated and dried) in a molten zinc bath at 450°C for 3 to 8 minutes according to the geometry and shape of the part being treated.

General galvanizing brings not only an exceptional resistance against corrosion but also properties such as great shock resistance and cathodic protection.

The principal uses of galvanized manufactured parts are found in construction (metal frames, lintals, balconies, staircases…), transport (security features, underbody parts, lorry chassis, trailers), energy transmission (pylons and towers), infrastructures (lights, security fences...).

Continuous Galvanizing

Continuous galvanizing process of flat steel coils has 3 main steps:
- The treatment of the surface with recrystalisation of cold rolled steel;
- Steel galvanising in a liquid zinc bath at 450°C;
- Mechanical and chemical treatments of the coated steel strip.




The galvanised steel coils can also be pre-painted before transformation or post-painted after deformation.

Their uses are many, in the building industry (roofing, wall cladding), commercial and individual construction (steel framing). The body of cars and electrical and domestic appliances are manufactured from flat galvanised steel sheets.

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