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Upgrade of zinc die casting sprues

GenlisMetal collects the zinc die casting sprues and defective moulds, melts and refines them to produce standardised zinc alloys that return to the die casters who use them in the original applications.





These upgraded products are Zamak alloys which meet the required European standards in force (See Library).






Production of primary alloys on base SHG zinc (99.995%).

ZAMAK: GenlisMetal can also produce Zamak alloys from SHG zinc (99.995% pure zinc containing no more than 50 grams of impurities per tonne).

The standardised Zamak alloys 2, 3 & 5 being zinc, aluminium and copper-based are regularly produced. Specification sheet for the Zamak 2, 3 & 5. (See Technical Data Sheet).



GALVA X: Genlis Metal can also produce zinc-aluminium alloys for an accurate galvanizing bath management.

The Galva 5, Galva 10 or any other Zinc-Aluminium alloys are also produced with the zinc electrolytic SHG ( purity 99.995%). Specification sheet for Galva 5, 10 (See Technical Data Sheet).



SPECIAL ALLOYS: GenlisMetal and its sister company Adial (See Link) can also process special zinc or alumunium-based alloys in which different alloying elements can be added (Mg, Mn, Si, Cu …).

Genlis Metal and Adial can produce the alloys of their clients on the basis of precise requirements and conditions.



Our ingots

GenlisMetal has designed its ingot so that it is fully compatible with the loading of the die casting machines and the feed of galvanizing baths.
The weight of the ingot is 8,5kg +- 1kg.





A stack of ingots is generally 72 ingots and weighs 620 kilos.
Each stack is clearly identified (Quality, production number, weight), bound and can be protected by a transparent plastic film.

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